Greetings Earthlings! I come in peace.

Hello, world. I am Isil, and this is the very first blog post of my entire life. I do like writing but usually in my own language, and I do not share my pieces with the whole world. Well, everything has a first I guess. So here we go!

According to the theory of White and Cornu (2011), there are two types of people in the digital world; Visitors and Residents. Thank God their definitions were way more flexible than their predecessor, Prensky (2001), who divides internet users into two groups by their ages. Prensky calls the older generations as immigrants and the younger generations as natives. He claims that the older generation uses the internet as if they are speaking a foreign language with an “accent” while the younger generation is using it as fluent as their native language.

The thing is, when it comes to Prensky’s theory, I fit in the younger generation who shouldn’t have an “accent”. However, although I feel “fluent” in Facebook, I never felt as confident in other platforms such as; Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram.  According to my digital literacy self-test -please see the results chart below-, I am good with accessing, managing and evaluating online information, managing my online privacy and security, and participating in online communities. I do have accounts in several social media platform, and since I used to be a scholar before, internet research is one of my strongest skills. As I am not new to the internet world, I really never had any problems with privacy issues or joining into online platforms.


However, I never used online platforms for networking proposes. Although I do know having a LinkedIn account and using it actively is almost a necessity when you have an active business life, I never felt comfortable about managing my online identity as a “brand”. I never tried building an online network or collaborating with others on shared projects either. The way I use social media is based on communicating with my friends, sharing some photos, and creating albums which are usually accessible to the contributors only.

While writing this post, I had some time to think about my actual self beside my online identity. I have discovered that I do not like sharing everything with everyone, and maybe this is a part of my personality. I remember when I was introduced to Instagram, it made no sense to me. My friends got addicted very quickly but I never felt that way. I was already able to share photographs on Facebook, so why would I need another application for the same purpose? I felt the same way for Twitter as well, I was able to share my thoughts via Facebook so why use Twitter instead? So, when I evaluate my digital identity according to White and Cornu’s (2011) theory, I am definitely a Facebook resident but I am just a visitor when it comes to other platforms.

While doing some research on the topic, I found this mapping idea, that completely makes sense to me, and surprisingly it was on a similar blog to ours. According to Bob Ridge-Stearn’s (2014) blog post called Mapping the Visitors and Residents, it is possible to divide visitors and residents concepts into four categories based on their platform usages and preferences. These four categories are; personal visitors, personal residents, institutional residents, and institutional visitors. The image below shows the platforms of these categories in detail. Ridge-Stern thinks it is not necessary to add Facebook on the map since almost every internet user has a Facebook account, but he also adds this also could be a mistake. Therefore, I did not hesitate to recreate a “Facebooked” version of his map and define myself as a Personal Resident.


This module excites me as I am not used to “socialize” this much, and I can’t wait to see how my digital literacy self-test results will change at the end. So, stay safe earthlings, I will soon be back!


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White, D. S., & Cornu, A. L. (2011). Visitors and Residents: A New Typology for Online Engagement. First Monday, 16(9). Retrieved from:



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