Before & After: How Digital Marketing Has Changed an Alien.

My dear earthlings,

When you read this post, I will be far, far away. “Why,” you asked? Because this is my final task. Your life will go on before and after me, so please do not get very emotional. My brain still cannot process human feelings.

I did not really understand how these seven weeks have passed as I had lots of fun while completing the tasks. Here, I will share some details with you about my journey. Let’s start with the digital literacy self-test, if you haven’t read my first blog post regarding this test, please click here. Well, I took the test once again this week. Let’s see how the results have changed over time.


I won’t lie to you earthlings when I first heard about the online module thing, I never considered that this much interaction would be going on. Well, it actually did. Through the module, we had lots of informative and entertaining conversations with my classmates, and now I feel a lot comfortable about collaborating with others on shared projects.

I have studied advertising and I am pretty confident when it comes to brand design. However, this was my first time blogging online and I have seen that I am not that bad. My first post was uncategorised, had only five tags and liked by five bloggers. My first categorized post was my third one with 14 tags and it was liked by 21 bloggers. I regret not using “How to make your husband disappear” headline since my fourth post didn’t get as many likes. I also discovered “excerpt” option during writing my fourth post and wrote an excerpt for it but I have changed it back to normal as I thought it was killing all the surprise. Maybe I need to work on it… Well, about the visuals, I first tried to use Canva, or Piktogram as recommended. But then, the “designer” side of me insisted on creating my own visual language like I would do if I were creating a brand instead of a blog. I have selected a colour palette and designed my own images in Adobe Illustrator. Although it takes more time to prepare the images, I am pretty happy with the visual integrity of my blog, so I guess it is worth it.

When it comes to managing my online identity, I still have an edge on Twitter, but I did go through my Linkedin page, did some changes and have been contacted by some recruiters as a result as well. I have re-uploaded Linkedin app to my phone, added some of my classmates to my network, and I am checking my account on a daily basis now to see if there is anything new. I am still shy about mentioning my posts but at least I have inserted the link of my blog to my profile. This is something, isn’t it?

My Favorite Vocabulary


My all-time favourite term was filter bubbles. I had no idea about its existence, although I knew the situation pretty well. It sounds so cute and makes too much sense. Especially before the general elections, it is like all of us shouting each other the very same messages via social media, there is no opposing view. It makes us all very confident that our candidate will be winning this time, isn’t it? These elections brought us Brexit and Donald Trump though…

What Did I Learn From Others?

During the first week of this module, I was so sure that I was a visitor instead of a digital resident. I was so sure that I have created my whole blog concept on an alien visiting the Earth. I was wrong. It came out that I was actually a Personal Resident. This was also the most encouraging week to me as I was thinking digital marketing was not my thing, but with several replies to my forum posts from my classmates made me feel like maybe it was my thing!

Steven‘s reply to my comment lead us to a great conversation in regards to attention spans of the new generation. Then we both learned a new word: Nomophobia. Through Victoria‘s post, I have learned about how they use facial recognition technology in advertising and it also gave me inspiration for my third blog post. We also discussed how monitoring people could be misused by bad intentioned people. Lisanne‘s post on marketing to children was very interesting to me as I am a new mom. We discussed how we can convince children to eat healthy snacks instead, but we weren’t able to solve the problem.

What the Future Holds for the Visitor

I have learned new stuff from each blog post that I have read. Sometimes I even felt jealous for not coming up with that particular subject before anyone else. All the information I have learned will certainly be used in my professional life, but besides that it made me wonder more about digital marketing that I even purchased an online data analytics course on Udemy.

That is not it earthlings, I loved having a blog. So surprise, surprise! I am not going anywhere. I will keep this blog, I don’t know if I will able to have this much of a commitment as it will not be a task anymore. But I promise I will do my best. I even had a request from a friend of mine to work as co-writers in a post that will cover both marketing and sociology. Exciting, huh?

Okay now, I have to sum it up as Lisa will probably not going to be pleased with the word count. If you wonder how digital marketing has changed an alien, please see the picture below. Stay safe until my next post earthlings, I am hoping to be back soon!


All yours,

The Visitor.




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