Heal The World

Hello Earthlings!

I cannot believe that another 7 weeks are over but here we are… My final mission is to tell you some stuff about my learning experience basically.

If you asked me about digital business models before starting this module, I would probably mumble, because I never thought how most of today’s business ideas include a digital business model as we are living in a digital era. Maybe it is about my generation because as I have stated in my comment here, we witnessed a constant digital change throughout our lives. I have spent the first 16 years of my life without knowing what a cell phone is and now I cannot even remember how we were able to meet with our friends without it.

I have learned about new terms and new people through this module, here are the ones on the top of my head.

1. Circular Economy

I had no idea about this one, then I read some stuff and I realized that this was actually something that I was aware of, I just didn’t know how it is called.

2. Sharing Economy & Trust

While discovering about this term I also discovered Rachel Botsman. Please don’t get me wrong, I am very interested in her thoughts but I am also addicted to her tone of voice, I really would listen to Audible stories from her.

While trying to find out a company for week 4’s blog submission, Botsman’s company examples inspired me however I was still unsure before seeing Reza’s Amazon post. I have decided to write about Etsy afterwards. No one bought any earrings though… We need to talk people!!!

3. Reachbird

I think I’ve read almost all the blog posts of my classmates during the second week, I’ve gained some information about their backgrounds. But the most exciting part of the blog posts for me that I heard about something new every single week! The second week, Max taught me about Reachbird.

4. Hapimag

Special thanks to Lisanne’s posts, I am planning to move to Switzerland. I have mentioned my mom about Hapimag, she thinks it is a briliant idea so I think she is also coming with us! I am more interested in the fifth entry though…

5. Fairtiq

I need this in my life. Once again, thank you Lisanne!


Learning new things through a lecture or a module is ordinary, but the best part about the blog posts and all those discussions is that we actually learn some stuff from each other as well. We learn about different cultures, different professions and this widens the module’s area maybe even further than expected. I keep referencing my classmates’ blog posts or comments during my social and professional life. Even though I act like I keep my distance towards digital, I must admit that the world, our world has changed without us noticing it. If you don’t believe me just check the Instagram post below and see the change yourself.

Future is digital, but maybe instead of having a contstant fear on AI stealing our jobs, we should focus on having a comprehensive understanding of digital. Because if we do, then maybe we could heal the world and make it a better place in every sense.

All yours,

The Visitor.

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